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Synonym of solidity, quality and credibility, the Dallas Group, since its star, is charting their growth without leaving aside values ​​such as: ethics, responsibility and confidence. Following this path, the Dallas group has been positioning itself as one of the leading companies in the food segment, consolidating it's position in the market as an innovative and ultramodern industry. So far, its industrial complex has become one of the most significant of the Midwest and their products are already present in all of the country's regions bringing forth wealth, currency and progress where it operates. Now, remains unwavering towards the international market. This is the Dallas Group, a company which is pleased to do it well and will continue to do so.


The history of Dallas Group relates to the era of early Italian immigrants  wich colonized the northern state of Rio Grande do Sul, and adopted an economy based on the subsistence agriculture, wheat mill, sawmill and commerce system.

It was in 1983 that the Dallas Group finally comes to the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. With a highly diversified and innovative business profile, the firm increased its investments and inaugurated the first factory in the town of Nova Alvorada do Sul.

Ever since, the Dallas Group has accompanied the market in order to expand its business and positioning itself for the domestic and foreign demand cater. Always believed in the workforce, potential and industrialization of Mato Grosso do Sul, and mainly, the dream of becoming one of the most important industries of the sector, from Brazil.


With roots completely related to the agricultural environment and the food industry, the Dallas Group exhibits a highly diversified profile. It is one of the largest groups from Mato Grosso do Sul of the agro-industrial sector and nowadays has approximately sixty thousand square meters of floor space. A modern and comfortable structure, with the most advanced technologies of production, similar to the patterns from the very best of the world, in this segment.           

Its industrial park consists of seventeen metal silos and two grain warehouses with storage capacity up to 103,000 tons / year, in addition to a wheat mill with a capacity of processing 450 tons / day, one pasta industry used for manufacturing spaghetti, cut pasta, lasagna, tagliatelle and nest pasta, one industry for beneficiation and industrialization of rice prepared to process over 500 tons / day and two modern production lines for laminated and filled cookies. All controlled by an efficient and dynamic administrative central.

Agility, care for safety of our employees and dedication make up the performance of the Dallas team, always working to achieve the highest standard of quality and reducing costs with environmental responsibility.




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