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Lasagna, Garfield´s favorite dish.

Who doesn´t like a delicious lasagna? Hot, cheesy… a temptation! A lasagna is the perfect dish to gather the intire family to a nice lunch and it is also Garfield´s favorite dish, cartoon character created by Jim Davis, beloved by everyone!
The “Folha de São Paulo” newspaper found out the recipe to prepare Garfield´s lasagna. How about going now to the grocery store and buy Dallas´ lasagna pasta to add a touch of flavour to the dish?

Cupcake, use creativity.

The cupcake is a small cake of English origin, its real name is fairycake. However, after it became famous in the United States, it was called cupcake, for its recipe uses 2 cups as a measure. As in old days the recipes had the ingredients measured by weight, the name became a catch. Besides, they were baked in cups, which made the cupcake name even stronger.




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