Cupcake, use a criatividade. - Dallas
Cupcake, use creativity.

The cupcake is a small cake of English origin, its real name is fairycake. However, after it became famous in the United States, it was called cupcake, for its recipe uses 2 cups as a measure. As in old days the recipes had the ingredients measured by weight, the name became a catch. Besides, they were baked in cups, which made the cupcake name even stronger.

Cupcakes are great allies in children´s parties. To hand out to the guests or to decorate the candy table, these delicious cakes can be decorated in creative ways without spending too much.

Use creativity and decorate the cupcake with animals theme. You can add confetti on top of the icing or even use candy, cookies and chocolate balls to draw the animal face. Give wings to the imagination and make exclusive animals!




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