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Conheça cada tipo de farinha

Você sabe usar cada tipo de farinha?

Grupo Dallas adquire a Germani Alimentos

O Grupo Dallas, fabricante de biscoitos, massas, farinha de trigo, misturas para bolo, arroz, fubá e derivados de milho e trigo do Mato Grosso do Sul, entrou em acordo com o Conglomerado Francisco Stedile — fabricante de tratores, caminhões, motores, chassi de ônibus, empilhadeiras e implementos agrícolas da Serra Gaúcha, e adquiriu a Germani Alimentos e a Germani Cereais

The ideal day start

A pretty table, well put, with juice, tea, coffee, ham, cheese, fruits, Dalla´s cake, Dalla´s cookies and a warm french bread with butter, in the family company with very good humor and love, that is the best way to star the day.

Cassava cake

There it goes, an easy-to-make recipe to Cassava Cake.

Lasagna, Garfield´s favorite dish.

Who doesn´t like a delicious lasagna? Hot, cheesy… a temptation! A lasagna is the perfect dish to gather the intire family to a nice lunch and it is also Garfield´s favorite dish, cartoon character created by Jim Davis, beloved by everyone!
The “Folha de São Paulo” newspaper found out the recipe to prepare Garfield´s lasagna. How about going now to the grocery store and buy Dallas´ lasagna pasta to add a touch of flavour to the dish?

Cupcake, use creativity.

The cupcake is a small cake of English origin, its real name is fairycake. However, after it became famous in the United States, it was called cupcake, for its recipe uses 2 cups as a measure. As in old days the recipes had the ingredients measured by weight, the name became a catch. Besides, they were baked in cups, which made the cupcake name even stronger.




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